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The FF21 administrative team offers a range of services to FF21 faculty to relieve the administrative burden of grants, events, communications, volunteers/internships, and human resources so that investigators can focus on doing great research. If there is administrative work related to FF21's mission and research focus, we are here to help! Plus, running a grant through the ORU increases the amount of core support funds the ORU receives from the Office of Research Affairs, thereby creating a positive feedback loop – more grants, more services from the ORU for you and your lab staff.



  • Personalized attention from Fund Manager with experience submitting proposals to agencies such as: DOE, USDA, NSF, NIH, DOD, DARPA, California Energy Commission, UC Office of the President, USAID, foreign agencies, foundations, and private and publicly traded companies
  • For larger multi-PI/multi-institution, additional services from the Program Coordinator, and MSO, including pre-award, sponsor negotiation, and post-award support, such as meeting reporting and other award requirements
  • Negotiations for use of the Algae Production Facility at the Biological Field Station
  • Experience with multi-institution (both UC and non-UC) proposals, including with industry partners, and therefore experience with the subcontracting process
  • Inclusion of the ORU’s outreach programs as appropriate in your NSF, etc. proposals where outreach and diversity requirements apply

Project Management and Reporting

  • Assistance with drafting Memoranda of Understanding
  • Experience with commercial partners in the algae and plant biotech sectors
  • For multi-PI awards, assistance from the Fund Manager and Program Coordinator


If you would like assistance with grants, please contact Philip Godfrey (phgodfrey@ucsd.edu, 858-822-4278) or Heide Trimble, Fund Manager (htrimble@ucsd.edu, 858-246-1980).


The FF21 administrative team can help you organize seminars, visiting speakers and guests, and small symposia. Services include:

  • Catering orders
  • Space reservations
  • Web and email advertising
  • MyTravel, MyEvents, and MyPayments processing

Please note that services are provided for events focused on FF21's mission and research, and all expenses must come from FF21 funds.


If you would like assistance with events, please contact Philip Godfrey, MSO (phgodfrey@ucsd.edu858-822-4278).

Communication and Publicity

Communicating and showcasing your scientific research is an important part of gaining a reputation and letting the scientific and general population know that your work is important and relevant. FF21 offers services to spread your scientific findings, papers, innovations, events, and stories across multiple channels:

  • FF21 and Cal-CAB website
  • Press releases
  • Photos of labs and researchers
  • Researcher features
  • Social media

We are also happy to post external news stories from FF21 faculty in the FF21 News section.


If you would like assistance with communications, please contactPhilip Godfrey, MSO (phgodfrey@ucsd.edu858-822-4278).

Volunteers and Internships

The FF21 administrative team can help you and your lab with the process of hiring high school or undergraduate volunteers or interns in your lab. We will process the paperwork and interface with any of the necessary UCSD departments and offices to get your interns or volunteers in the lab quickly and smoothly. Contact us if you already have a volunteer or intern in mind, or if you are interested in having one and would like for us to introduce a student to your lab.


If you would like assistance with volunteers and interns, please email calcab@ucsd.edu.

Human Resources

FF21 offers a variety of human resources services for FF21 faculty including:

  • Job card creation and job posting
  • New hire recruitment and onboarding for academic, staff, and student positions
  • Visiting scholar appointments
  • Visa processing
  • Office and lab space negotiations


If you would like assistance with human resources, please contact Philip Godfrey, MSO (phgodfrey@ucsd.edu858-822-4278).

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