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Leading the revolution in photosynthetic biology for a sustainable future

Food & Fuel for the 21st Century (FF21) was established in May 2012 as a formal organized research unit at UCSD. FF21 is a campus-wide initiative aimed at:

  • Facilitating collaboration between researchers throughout biology, chemistry, engineering, economics and policy;
  • Providing training and education opportunities for young scientists and students;
  • Facilitating communication between researchers and industry scientists via symposia, seminars, industrial advisory meetings, and round tablediscussions;
  • Facilitating technology transfer with the commercial sector; and
  • Informing regional, state and national policy makers.


FF21 supports the development of innovative, sustainable and commercially viable solutions for the renewable production of food, energy, green chemistry and bio-products using photosynthetic organisms.

UC Global Food Initiative

Food & Fuel for the 21st Century is a member of the University of California Global Food Initiative, and participates through its research in developing sustainable food and fuel using photosynthetic organisms.

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