CEC Roadmap Meeting, SD-CAB, October 2012

International Workshop: CRISPR and Targeted Gene Replacement in plants

Organized by Professor Maarten Chrispeels and Professor Yunde Zhao from the Division of Biological Sciences at UCSD, this workshop is on the subject of Genome editing and gene targeting in plants. A wide variety of La Jolla experts who have made significant contributions in this field will present. The workshop will be held on November 14, 2018 at the auditorium of the newly-built Tata Hall, located between Pacific Hill and the Main Gym.

Deep Decarbonization Initiative (D21) Research Seminar

This research seminar will be hosted by Dr. Steven J. Davis, where he will discuss providing energy services without net addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.  It will take place Wednesday, October 25th, 2017 at The School of Global Policy and Strategy.

Cal-CAB Student & Postdoc Seminars

This monthly symposium is a showcase for the Cal-CAB laboratories to present their research throughout algae biotechnology, increasing communication and collaboration within Cal-CAB and providing some excellent presentation and networking opportunities for students and postdocs.

Food and Fuel for the 21st Century Symposium

This is an annual symposium bringing speakers from across the country to present on current research and technology development with photosynthetic organism biotechnology. This meeting brings together students, faculty, industry, government officials, and the general public to discuss the future of biofuel and bioproducts, and how we can advance the field and make bio-based alternative energy sources a commercially viable reality.


Our Energy Future Public Lecture Series

This is a campus-wide Advanced Energy Initiative with a Public Lecture Series called Our Energy Future, where academic experts from UCSD present TED-style talks on topics such as energy production and use, climate change, the social and economic issues of energy, and how energy relates to food and water.


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