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Our Energy Future: The Impact of Current Energy Production and Use, and Options for a Sustainable Energy Future (Coursera)

Stephen Mayfield

On Demand

This course is all about energy: what it is, how it is produced, the positive and negative effects, and renewable energy technology. Experts from UC San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and industry will explain concepts and present information on this important topic. Come learn all about energy and what our future holds!

Our Energy Future: The Impact of Current Energy Production and Use, and Options for a Sustainable Energy Future (Google Course Builder)

Stephen Mayfield

4 Weeks, self-paced

This is an introductory version of the Coursera online course with topics ranging from sustainable energy, climate change, economics and social impact of energy, and energy as it relates to food and water. The course is self-paced and based on the Our Energy Future Public Lecture Series held at UC San Diego in Ocober 2013. Join any time at

Plant Biology – BGGN 227

Course Organizer: Julian Schroeder

This course covers advanced topics in plant biology in the areas of molecular genetic developmental, and physiological biology. We will discuss plant-microbe interactions, transposable elements, protein trafficking, ion transport, and organ development. The format of this section includes lectures and discussion of selected papers. General information about this course and course materials may be found on the Plant Postgenomics & Systems Biology website.

Prerequisites: BGGN 220, 221, and 222. Graduate students from diverse graduate programs and advanced research MS students and undergraduates are eligible for enrollment. Letter grades only.

Introduction to Biofuels - BIBC 140

Professor Mayfield

Course will provide an overview of the growing field of biofuels by introducing the basics of renewable biofuel production, including the chemistry of biofuels, the biology of important feedstocks, and the biochemical advances for the next generation of biofuels.  Download sample syllabus.

Prerequisites: BILD 1.

Advanced Topics in Modern Biology - BIMM 194

Professor Mayfield

This course provides students with an interdisciplinary exposure to the new biology-based industry of photosynthetic biofuels and bioproducts. It includes guest lectures from a series of outstanding speakers, including local industry leaders, to cover diverse topics related to biofuels and bioproducts. Students will also discuss current primary literature covering the state-of-the-art in the field. Students are expected to actively participate in course discussions, read, and analyze primary literature. Current descriptions and subtitles may be found on the Schedule of Classes and the Division of Biological Sciences website. Students may receive credit in 194 courses a total of four times as topics vary. Students may not receive credit for the same topic. 

Prerequisites: BICD 100. Upper-Division standing.

Organic Chemistry II - CHEM 140B

Professor Burkart

Continuation of Organic Chemistry I, 140A. Methods of analysis, chemistry of hydrocarbons, chemistry of the carbonyl group. Introduction to the reactions of biologically important molecules. Students may not receive credit for both Chem 141B and Chem 140B.

Prerequisites: Chem 140A (a grade of C or higher in Chem 140A is strongly recommended). (F,W,S)

EDGE Biofuels Certificates:

Biofuels Science Certificate

The Biofuels Science Certificate is a hybrid program with lecture courses completed online, followed by intensive laboratory courses completed at the UCSD campus over 4 weeks during summer. It is aimed at training professionals for field and laboratory roles in the growing biofuels industry. It provides students hands-on technical knowledge and experience in laboratory techniques used in biomass production, analysis and processing. Students choose from one of the following specialization tracks: Molecular Biology, Aquatic Microbiology, or Analytical Chemistry.

For students not living in San Diego, a limited amount of discounted on-campus housing with dining plans are available for the summer lab courses.  UCSD Extension can also assist foreign students with visa issues and discounted on-campus housing for the summer lab courses.

Biofuels Processes Certificate

The Biofuels Processes certificate program is a fully online program that provides students with comprehensive view of the landscape of biofuels research and production, analysis and downstream processing, as well as project management skills. It is aimed at training professionals for roles in the growing biofuels industry in project management, business development or other support roles not requiring direct, hands-on experience with the experimental techniques used in biofuels research and biomass production.

For further information on these certificates, please visit the UCSD Extension website.  If you have additional questions, please contact Angeline Yang at UCSD Extension.

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