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UCSD Plant Biology & FF21 Mini Symposium

WHEN: 9:00AM-3:30PM
WHERE: 1103 Muir Biology Bldg

Please join us for a 1-day international Mini Symposium on plant biology. Morning refreshments and lunch will be served.  Registration is free.

Speakers will include:
  • Gene (Gynheung) An, Director, Crop Biotech Institute, Kyung Hee University
  • Benjamin Laga, Head of Trait Discovery, Bayer CropScience
  • Yongbiao Xue, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Rob Martienssen, HHMI-GBMF Investigator, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  • Bin Han, Professor and Director of Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Hailing Jin, Professor & Cy Mouradick Endowed Chair Director of Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics Graduate Program, UC Riverside

Download symposium agenda.



Salk Special Seminar: "Harnessing Plant Metabolic Diversity"

Anne Osbourn
John Innes Centre

WHEN: 5:00PM
WHERE: 4500 Hubbs Hall, SIO




"Indole 3 carbinol regulates multiple cellular processes in Arabidopsis thaliana"

Ella Katz
Tel Aviv University, Israel

WHEN: 11:00AM
WHERE: 1103 Muir Biology Bldg
HOSTED BY: Alisa Huffaker and Tamar Shemer



Joanne Chory Symposium

WHEN: Friday, March 11 
WHERE: Salk Institute

Please join us for an all day symposium to honor Joanne in her 60th year! Registration will include: lunch and a reception immediately following the symposium. There is no registration fee. Speakers for the symposium will be Chory Lab current and former postdocs/graduate students.



"Tri-trophic interactions in the rhizosphere"

Ted Turlings
Université de Neuchâtel

WHERE: 1103 Muir Biology




Joint Seminar: Dr. Elliot Meyerowitz

Chemical and Mechanical Signals in Control of a Plant Stem Cell Niche

WHEN: Wednesday, December 2 at 4PM
WHERE: Marilyn G. Farquhar Seminar Room, CNCB, School of Medicine, UCSD Campus
HOSTED BY: Dr. Julian Schroeder

University of California, San Diego, Division of Biological Sciences & Department of Cellular and Molecular Medecine



Global "Fascination of Plants" Day:

Waterproofing plants: Sensing, Signaling and Response Mechanisms to Hypoxia   

Professor Julia Bailey-Serres, Botany and Plant Sciences, University of California, Riverside

WHEN: Monday, May 18 at 11AM
WHERE: Muir Biology Room 1103, UCSD
HOSTED BY: Maarten Chrispeels



"Plant-Microbe Interactions: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"

Professor Heribert Hirt, Center for Desert Agriculture, KAUST

WHEN: Wednesday, April 29 at NOON
WHERE: Muir Biology Room 1103, UCSD
HOSTED BY: Julian Schroeder




Plant Molecular Biology 2014 Gordon Research Conference (Decision-Making Pathways, Networks, and Models in Plant Biology)

Chairs: Steven Briggs, Ryan Sartor and Mary Lou Guerinot (Vice Chair)

WHERE: Holderness School, Holderness, NH

This conference will bring together a collection of investigators who are at the forefront of their fields and feature presentations on cutting edge plant research that broadly covers the most exciting recent advances in plant molecular biology. The focus is on decision-making mechanisms that enable changes in developmental fate or acclimation to biotic or abiotic stress. The field of plant molecular biology is very rapidly integrating omics-level technologies that are changing the way research is conducted and greatly increasing the scope of investigative queries. This conference will showcase current omics-enabled research and highlight ways these new technologies are improving our ability to study plant molecular biology.

Gordon Research Conferences strive to provide opportunities for junior scientists and graduate students to interact formally and informally with leaders in the field. In addition, the first Plant Molecular Biology Gordon Research Seminar (Exploring High Throughput Data Sets) will be held July 19th - 20th. This short seminar is intended to provide a forum for young scientists to network and present their research in a relatively low-key setting prior to the GRC. This GRS will have a special focus on analysis of high-throughput plant data sets. We encourage applications from grad students and postdocs who are currently involved in plant research that is making use of high-throughput data sets of any kind.
The GRC and GRS will take place at an outstanding venue in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with excellent food/drink plus opportunities for swimming and hiking in the afternoons.




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