To address the food and energy requirements of the world in an era when the availability of fossil fuel is decreasing, we need to address the significant challenges of more efficiently converting solar energy into food and fuels. Our challenge is to develop more efficient, sustainable and scalable processes for converting sunlight to food and fuel, without the use of fossil fuels.

FF21 facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration to tackle the significant research objectives regarding the use of photosynthetic organisms for enhanced food production and energy independence that cannot be addressed by any one discipline alone.


In Memory of Mark Hildebrand

We are sorry to report the passing of marine biologist Mark Hildebrand, the leader of one of the United States’ top centers for algal biofuel research.

A Guilt-Free Flip-Flop

The world’s first flip-flop that is sustainable, biodegradable and invented by students at UC San Diego!

Postdoc Opportunity - Mayfield Lab

Available job listing: Postdoctoral Fellow for the Mayfield Lab, Cal-CAB, UC San Diego. Click the link above for more information. The position will remain open until filled.


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